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January 07, 2008



Ohhh...I'm all about contest :) And I've enjoyed reading ye olde blog and meeting up with you as well! We really REALLY do need to do it again.


oooh! Pretty! I love those bright colors.


I wanna play!

happy 1 year of blogging here! MWAH!


How cool are you to have a blog contest??

That sure is purdy. :-)


What a great idea - who's ever heard of a blog contest?!?! I love it! And I love the apron...it's so happy....if I win I'll wear it and be forced to make happy food!


But I don't want it to be random! I just wanna win! :D


Well, sure, I'll comment for a prize =) Love the apron! Such great fabrics!


RYC: I'd love them Emily! I have the towels you gave me for Trixie in the birthin' pile for this wee one too :-)

Here's my address, if you need it:



You don't blog ENOUGH!


Happy blog birthday!


Happy Blogiversarry! I miss you!

Michelle Haigh

You know I'm a sucker for a contest. I have continued to periodically check in with your xanga site. I like to see how your kids have grown. I thought of you a few months ago. I am a girl scout troop leader. My girls, 10-12yrs, decided that they wanted to learn to knit. I searched to find someone close by to help us. I thought of you. Eventually I went to Seattle and had my sister-in-law teach me some basics in 45 minutes. Four days later I taught the girl scouts. We have been having knitting circles ever since. I have now found a knitting expert who attends our knitting circles, so I are greatly relieved. Michelle


I'm so bummed that I missed the contest!
(and darnnit.. only by a day..)

Still... since that day was spent celebrating my baby's 12th birthday, I thought it fitting to drop you a line to wish you a happy happy day too!

hope your bday was grand & memorable and that (most importantly) YOu were surrounded by love, and by those that you love and that you felt cradled in that love! .. ohh.. and I Hope you had a really good bday cake, and LOTs of it! =)


So pretty. Love the apron. I'm game. Please enter me. mwah!


That is such a cute apron. I'm so glad you've joined the Flirty Apron Swap!! Don't forget to put our button on your site and enter the first contest if you haven't already.

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