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January 01, 2008



Did you take a break from reading blogs too? I always am amazed by how much free time I have when I am away from the computer but I still end up plopped back here when we're home. It's a sickness.


I'm glad you came back. :)I love the kids' outfits! I would like to try something from Ottobre, but am intimidated.


I have had a hard time blogging much in the last 2 weeks since everyone was home! I really enjoyed blogging everyday in November though...so I'm kinda pondering the 365 day thingie the NaBloPoMo people have going. I dunnno yet...I haven't commited quite yet.

I love the kids outfits! Great job! I miss sewing. I need to do it more often. It's really enjoyable and QUICK!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Maybe I'll keep good to my word and we WILL get together this year :)


They are so lovely! I really miss your blogging. Maybe it is lame of me, but I was so enjoying getting to know you better thusly.


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