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February 19, 2008



What, great treats! :)


Wowee! What an awesome swap package!!! It's always so much fun to get one from someone that really cares about what they are putting in there (unlike my Red Heart fiasco a year or 2 ago) You are a lucky lucky girl!


I'm so happy you liked it all :) When I ran into that shawl pin I had to get it just because of the colors. The Target shopping bags are the best thing for a buck I tell you - I absolutely love them. For once I'm not always forgetting my bags in the car because they actually fit in my purse. Oh it's the simple things :)

Finally I'm able to post here and not be all secret like :)


That's amazing. AMAZING.


What a gorgeous package! WOW!!!

Also wanted to say thank you for stopping by the blog and joining in the contest! :) You're welcome to head back over anytime since it seems like there's always something new going on! :) Blessings!

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