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August 23, 2010


Misti Delaney

:) You're ahead of us by weeks! We're going to start in mid-September. Jack is eager, though.

I LOVE Trevor's hair (and Jack does, too).


Thanks, Misti. I enjoy pictures of Jack with his long hair, too. Does Jack get comments about being a girl? Trevor is still regularly referred to as my daughter, Anneliese's sister, etc. He is so used to being referred to as a girl that now when he introduces himself to someone he includes that he is a boy.

PS Did you get my comment on your blog late last month about the book?


What dear shots, everyone looks so excited :)


Some sweet pictures. :)

Just to let you know ~ I tried leaving a comment on her blog too for the giveway. if you can't see the box to leave a comment, hit your 'tab' key and the box will pop up. :)

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